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Why should I join Xerocraft?

  • Personal Reasons Why You Should Join
  • *   You enjoy "Doing-it-Yourself"
  • *   You can't afford to buy an entire shop
  • *   You want people to share your ideas with
  • *   You want to learn new skills
  • *   You enjoy supporting local non-profits
  • *   You want to be surrounded by people with
  •     a diverse range of knowledge
  • Online and In-shop Membership Details
  • *   Learn welding, 3D-printing, wood & metal working, etc
  • *   Participation in our group discussions and projects
  • *   Online membership is free!
  • *   Signing up for our in-shop membership helps up keep
  •     our doors open, but is not mandatory.
  • *   In-shop membership is $50 per month
  •     however we DO have "reduced-lunch" options.
  • Online Membership Sign-Up Sheet

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Thank you for considering a donation!

Since 2011 Xerocraft has opened its doors to Southern Arizona, offering a 4,500 square foot facility, resources, tools, machines, education and community to makers of all skill levels. Xerocraft offers classes in tool use, skill building, new technology, development, experimentation and collaboration. Our all-volunteer support staff is available for outreach to the community to take experimental and educational programs out into schools, libraries and community centers to engage and excite future makers. Xerocraft is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit, and we are 100% donation driven.

General Donation!
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Our programs and operation is only as good as our volunteers who teach, build, and operate the facility.

ADD TO OUR MATERIALS, TOOLS, OR EQUIPMENT!DONATE EQUIPMENT OR MATERIALS! We welcome gap-filling donations that complement our existing facility.

Members get great discounts and privileges!