South Pole

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As the weather heats up in Tucson, we think of the South Pole, where David Lesser flew the Xerocraft hackerspace flag this past winter:

Xerocraft_flag_at_South_PoleOf course, last December it was “summer” down under

 IMG_2300 (1)On January 6th, 2014, it was colder in Chicago than it was at the South Pole

This was the same winter that the Russian ship M.V. Akademik Shokalskiy got stranded off the coast of Antarctica, in the service of an Australian scientific expedition.

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April 15: Introductory Meeting of Tucson Inventors Group

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The Tucson Inventors Group will hold their first meeting at Maker House on Tuesday, April 15 at 6pm!

“In this group we will explore all avenues of inventing including innovation, product design, licensing, prototyping, manufacturing, distributing, marketing, patenting etc.

There is no membership fee for this group and we are not affiliated with any club or organization. Our goal is to help you get your invention out there whether for principle or for profit. We will hold meetings, presentations, demos etc at various places in town.

While the organizer may post meeting locations or times, anyone may post and host a meeting at any place or time they desire. This is a group for inventors by inventors. Join us all in making our dreams come true!”

Please RSVP here.

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Xerocraft Member’s Project Featured in MAKE: Magazine

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open_ct_xerocraft2Peter’s amazing Open Source CT Scanner is featured in MAKE 38: High-Tech DIY, available online and in bookstores like Barnes & Noble right now.

Peter is a Ph.D and a postdoctoral researcher. He earned his degree at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. His other big project is building a real-life tricorder from Star Trek. Peter’s eclectic and broad knowledge base has aloud him to make some pretty incredible things that he kindly open sources.

CT_and_laptopAs a Canadian, Peter is used to a universal healthcare system that caps prices for medical services like CT scans. But after an eye-opening ordeal with American healthcare, he began dreaming of building equipment that would open the door to cheaper medical devices and lower costs for the patient. The CT scanner is a proof of concept design that takes pictures of not only the surface of the subject but the inside as well. It uses a very low level radioactive source to create the images.

“I confess that I laughed and started to feel like Doc Brown when the “only” thing my CT scanner needed was something radioactive, but with luck projects like this will mature into desktop scanners for the maker community, and perhaps even medical scanners for impoverished countries, where they’re most needed.”


Peter’s scanner images the internal structure of a very ill avocado.

m38_cover_266x347Congratulations Peter! Thank you for helping to make Xerocraft such an amazing place!

Peter’s CT project can be found in the Homebrew section of MAKE: Magazine 38. All the designs and code you need to build your own desktop CT scanner are available here.

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Xerocraft at Southwest Maker Fest in Mesa

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Last Saturday (March 22nd) Xerocraft participated in the Southwest Maker Fest in Mesa (near Phoenix), sponsored in part by HeatSync Labs:

Cell phone controlled sculpture -- 01

Cell phone controlled sculpture is possible!  We taped a Styrofoam figure on top of the Roomba robot from the Intel tent.  More information on Krrrl’s blog

02_Badass_vehiclesLeon’s Ram truck meets a giant bug

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March 23, NEW CLASS!: Sustainable Sundays

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Pallet PlayhouseSundays at 4pm
Free, Open to the public
Children welcome

At Sustainable Sundays, we discuss methods for living a sustainable and environmentally-conscious lifestyle. Attendees are invited to bring their own ideas and topics for discussion.

This week at Sustainable Sundays, we will discuss carbon neutral and carbon positive building methods. These include bottle walls, hay bale walls, cobb, superadobe, and pallets.

After discussion, we will tour a member’s backyard and plan the construction of a play-structure incorporating these techniques. Attendees are encouraged to bring ideas or plans for play-houses or other small structures. In subsequent weeks, we will collect materials and construct it.

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Mayor Names Xerocraft in State of the City Address

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Photo by Andrea Kelly, AZPM

Photo by Andrea Kelly, AZPM

Well, this went under our radar! Way back on February 26, Mayor Rothschild gave his 2014 State of the City address. During the section discussing downtown redevelopment, he mentioned Xerocraft as a draw for young artists, coders and hackers.

From the mayor’s address:

“Over the next year, you’ll see close to $9 million of strategic improvements made to the Tucson Convention Center. You’ll see young entrepreneurs move their businesses and dreams downtown – at CoLab or Connect Coworking. You’ll see artists and crafters mixing with coders and hackers at places like Maker House and Xerocraft. You’ll see ground broken on a new, modern, urban hotel. And, as people continue to move downtown, maybe – just maybe – you’ll see that cornerstone of urban neighborhoods, a grocery store.”


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Maketopolis 2014 For The Win!

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maketopolis logoTucson’s first fair for makers was a grand success! The rainy day couldn’t keep the builders and artists from seeing what Tucsonans can do! We’ve posted a picture album on our Facebook page which you can view here.

If you have pictures and video of the event you would like to share with us, please let us know.

Here’s a few pictures to get you interested.

Organizer Robbie Laity installed a GoPro camera in the north space next to Xerocraft and captured the whole event in this time lapse video:


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